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It's Official - We are open!

Please visit our booking page to register for classes. 

Located at 27 Esquire Lane, Bedford, NS.

Please keep in mind that I am an artist, with more than 30 years working with ceramics. I do have teaching experience, however this is my first time opening a business in Canada and I have a lot to learn. I appreciate your patience and understanding of this, and I am always happy to hear your thoughts and recommendations on what I can do differently to make these workshops more fulfilling. I truly want to create a community with this studio, and I cannot wait to meet you all and hear your stories and experiences!


An exploration of Space and Time, through Art    |    Ceramics Studio located in Bedford


Most of my artworks are based on my feelings. The events that take place in time and space around me have effects on me. That is the time I am motivated and creative.


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