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Fog and Nature




I was born in Tehran, Iran, and have been doing arts and crafts since my youth. I started creating decorative arts using mixed media, I then became interested in clay works, and so I began making plaques out of clay with different designs and patterns for public spaces, such as restaurants, hotels, and places of business.  I understudied with some of the better known clay masters in Iran, including Master Zahra Mehri and Master Mohebi. 

In 2013 I immigrated to Canada and have since completed my Undergraduate Degree at  NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Since coming to Canada, I have worked on a variety of creative projects, some of which have been exhibited in local galleries. My artistic expression has gone through many phases over the years, resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. I am never content with standing still and I'm always looking for my next engaging project.


My Portfolio.

Explore a brief timeline of my creative progression over the past 30 years, from Iran to Canada.

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